2 NEW Issues of Sovereign in the Works


I am pleased to announce that 2 NEW issues of Sovereign will be published over the next 3 months.


Our TENTH issue features 7 full-length articles, including 5 FIRST ENGLISH translations of works by Russian historians + 2 additional articles:

1. Nicholas II in the Words of His Contemporaries by Pyotr Multatuli. Translated by William Lee

2. Nicholas II in the Historical Memory of the Kuban Cossacks by O.V. Matveev. Translated by William Lee

3. The Wardrobe of the Imperial Family: The History of the Alexander Palace Collection by A.S. Rognatev. Translated by William Lee

4. Investigator Sokolov: “The Tsar’s Suffering Is Russia’s Suffering” by Y.Y. Vorobyevsky. Translated by Elizabeth S. Yellen

5. Novonikolayevsk: Born of the People’s Ambition and the Tsar’s Beneficence, Emperor Nicholas II and the City of Novosibirsk: Parallels Between Past and Present by E. Tsybizov. Translated by Elizabeth S. Yellen

6. Memorandum to Tsar Nicholas II by Pyotr Durnovo

7. My Mission to Clear the Name of Russia’s Last Tsar by Paul Gilbert

and Sovereign News – featuring news highlights from Russian media resources



Our ELEVENTH issue is dedicated to the ROYAL RUSSIA PAPERS. This SPECIAL ISSUE features 11 articles and many NEW photographs:

1. Russia’s Last Star: Nicholas II and Cinema by Viktor Belyakov;

2. Nicholas & Alexandra: A Love Affair in Letters by Vladimir Oustimenko;

3. The Imperial Family at Tobolsk by Paul Gilbert;

4. Nicholas II: A Re-evaluation of the Reign of Russia’s Last Tsar by Katie Danae Wilkens;

5. The Fall of the Romanovs by HRH Viktoria Luise Princess of Prussia;

6. Hostages to Political Games: Did Lenin Order the Execution of the Imperial Family? Interview with Vladimir Solviev by Viktor Kozhemyako;

7. ‘An Energetic and Chivalrous Protector’ – Danish Efforts to Help the Imprisoned Romanovs by Coryne Hall;

8. Servant to Three Emperors: Count Vladimir Frederiks by Margarita Nelipa;

9. ‘A True Friend of Russia’ – Russia’s Relations with Siam by Coryne Hall;

10. ‘My wonderful house on the seashore’ – A History of the Lower Dacha at Peterhof by Valentina Tenikhina;

11. Faithful to the End: The Devoted Retainers of the Imperial Family by Natalya Stukova; 

Note: this issue features many new photos which were not featured in the original articles, published in issues of Royal Russia, published between 2011 and 2017.

Launched in 2015, a total of 12 will be in print by the end of this year, including 3 Special Issues. Click HERE For more information on our journal Sovereign: The Life and Reign of Emperor Nicholas II

© Paul Gilbert. 30 January 2019

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