Sovereign SPECIAL OFFER ends 31st December 2019

sov offer

FREE SHIPPING + FREE 2020 CALENDAR when you buy ALL eleven issues
NOTE: This offer is valid on CANADA and US orders ONLY!
This limited time offer ends on 31 December 2019


Published twice a year (Spring and Autumn), SOVEREIGN is dedicated to clearing the name of Russia’s much slandered emperor and tsar Nicholas II.

Each issue features first English translations of articles, researched by Russian historians and experts, based on NEW documents from archival sources. The price of each issue is $25 + postage, so the savings on postage are substantial for our US readers.

NO rehashing of what has already been written over the past 50 years, NO conspiracy theories, NO attempt to whitewash history.

SOVEREIGN gives voice to a new generation of Russian historians, who now have an opportunity to challenge the long held myths and lies of their Western counterparts.

You will also receive a FREE Nicholas II 2020 Calendar with your order!

Each month of our 2020 calendar features an iconic full-page black and white photograph of Russia’s last monarch, during some of the brightest and darkest days of his 22-year reign.

Nearly 70 major holidays and observances in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Russia are featured, with room to write in your own special dates and events. There is also space for you to fill in important dates, such as birthdays, etc.

Thank you for your support of this important publishing project!

© Paul Gilbert. 1 December 2019

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