Emperor Nicholas II on Facebook

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In April 2016, I launched a Facebook account dedicated to the life and reign of Emperor Nicholas II. Each day, I create up to a dozen new posts: with news – translated into English from Russian media sources – plus, contemporary and vintage photos, videos and newsreels, as well as new book announcements.

My updates present new monuments, portraits, and exhibitions and more about Nicholas II and his family – which do not appear on this blog. To date, there are more than 6,000 colour and black & white photos on my Nicholas II Facebook page!

I currently have 5,000 Facebook friends – the maximum that FB will allow – plus, an additional 2,000 followers, from all over the world. Friends are permitted to comment on posts and engage in discussions with others. It is a perfect “watering hole” for those of us who seek the truth about Russia’s much slandered Tsar.

Please note, that as I have already reached the maximum number of friends that Facebook will allow me, you can still become a “FOLLOWER” of my FB page.

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Please join me today, in celecrating the life, reign and era of Russia’s last Emperor and Tsar!

© Paul Gilbert. 31 October 2022