Léon Bakst Portrait of Nicholas II to be Displayed in Moscow


Photo © Государственный исторический музей

NOTE: All of the articles pertaining to Nicholas II and his family which were originally published in my Royal Russia News blog, have been moved to this Nicholas II blog. This article was originally posted on 6 July 2018 in my Royal Russia News blog – PG

The State Historical Museum in Moscow have announced that the portrait of Emperor Nicholas II by Léon Bakst, has been returned from their restoration workshop.

After the 1917 Revolution, the portrait was hidden in the museum funds. In September, the portrait will be presented for the first time at an exhibition dedicated to Nicholas II and his family, the first time it has been displayed in more than a century.

Léon (Lev) Nikolaevich Bakst – born as Leyb-Khaim Izrailevich (later Samoylovich) Rosenberg, (1866-1924) was a Russian painter and scene and costume designer. He was a member of the Sergei Diaghilev circle and the Ballets Russes, for which he designed exotic, richly coloured sets and costumes.

During his years in St Petersburg, he taught painting to the children of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich. In 1902, Nicholas II commissioned Bakst to paint The Meeting of Russian Sailors. In 1914, Bakst was elected a member of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

© Paul Gilbert. 8 December 2019

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