Nicholas II in the NEWS – July 2020


At the end of each month I will post links to noteworthy articles about Nicholas II from English language media sources, complemented with photos and videos.

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Inherited Love: On the families of the parents of holy Royal Martyrs Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra by Xenia Grinkova. Published in Russian Orthodoxy on 31st July 2020

When we look at the life of the holy Royal Passion-Bearers, their podvig as a family strikes us most. Truly, they succeeded in embodying the Christian family ideals on the earth and bringing up their daughters and son in it like nobody else. And, of course, it was from their wise parents that the saints, like “most honorable branches of the pious root” (from the service to Right-Believing Prince Alexander Nevsky), received the rudiments of what later blossomed forth and led them to heavenly abodes.


The Khodynka tragedy: A coronation ruined by a stampede by Yulia Afanasyenko Published in Russia Beyond on 23rd July 2020

A huge public celebration of the coronation of Nicholas II was planned at the Khodynskoe field in Moscow, but poor organizing caused a disaster.

This terrible tragedy is one in which contemporary historians like to flog like a dead horse, some of whom blame the newly crowned emperor for the incident. Sadly, it is one which haunted him to the final days of his reign.


A Life Blessed by the Tsaritsa by Vladimir Soloviev. Published in Russian Orthodoxy on 17th July 2020

Not long ago was the fortieth day after the repose of Archbishop Agapit (Gorachek) of Stuttgart (ROCOR). More and more reminiscences about this remarkable man have been sent to the Russian website and continue to come; that is what an indelible impression this bright personality has left in the hearts of those who knew him.

This is a story of Archbishop Agapit, but through him of the “Ekaterinburg remains”—bone fragments discovered in a gully outside Ekaterinburg, which recent investigations have shown with near certainty to be those of the Royal Family. These investigations were conducted for over ten years on the highest level. They encompassed all aspects of forensic science, including genetic testing in a number of laboratories. It is told by one of the main investigators, who through his work gained a personal understanding of Archbishop Agapit’s close connection with the Holy Royal Martyrs and his service to them in this important matter.


VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Nicholas II. The Early Years

Rare photographs from the childhood and teenage years of Tsar Nicholas II, whose exceptional virtues from his earliest years of age were politeness, affability, and affection. His characteristic shy, tender, and somewhat sad smile always made an impression on all. He tried to see only the good side of people and was ready to show love to all.

All the quotes used in the captions of this video are from the book “The Romanov Royal Martyrs: What Silence Could Not Conceal”.

Duration: 8 minutes, 47 seconds



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Nicholas II in the NEWS – June 2020


PHOTO: Portrait of Emperor Nicholas II in the uniform of colonel of the Austro-Hungarian 5th Uhlan regiment, painted in 1899 by Artist: Ernst Friedrich von Liphart (1847-1932)

From the Collection of the Hrvatski povijesni muzej / Croatian History Museum in Zagreb, Croatia

At the end of each month I will post links to noteworthy articles about Nicholas II from English language media sources, complemented with photos and videos.

Please click on the titles (highlighted) below to read each respective article:


On the Russian Revolution and Today (Do not be a Robert Service) by John Mark N. Reynolds. Published in Patheos on 29th June 2020

John Mark N. Reynolds writes probably the most honest assessment to date of what has to be one of the WORST books ever written about Nicholas II.

I am referring to ‘The Last of the Tsars: Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution‘ written by the “Sovietologist” Robert Service and published in 2017 by Macmillian..

Reynolds writes: “Service thinks the last Tsar mentally inflexible . . . but Service does nothing to prove this is so” . . . Nicholas II was “intellectually inflexible, but Robert Service does not prove that fact” . . . etc., etc.

Reynolds rightly notes that ‘The Last of the Tsars: Nicholas II and the Russian Revolution‘ is a “throw away book”, and I could not agree more!


Alex Webber visits Carska

Tsar Trek by Alex Webber. Published in THEfirstNEWS on 25th June 2020

Alex Webber writes in the Polish-English language newspaper THEfirstTIMES about Nicholas II and his former hunting palace Białowieża.

While the hunting palace has not survived, the former elegant private station for the Imperial family has! A visionary benefactor has revived the rotting station as a Tsarist-themed hotel named Carska.

Perched on a disused railway siding sit four saloon wagons, each lovingly reinvented as an opulent suite. [It is important to note that these are NOT part of the Imperial Train, the last wagons of which were destroyed at Peterhof in 1941 – PG]

“The magical world of Carska is not unlike waking up trapped in the pages of a novel by Tolstoy,” says Webber. “This is not a hotel, I think to myself, but a portal to another time.”


The cross procession in Ekaterinburg is held annually on 17th July

Church Hopes to Hold Annual Royal Martyrs Procession in Ekaterinburg Despite Coronavirus. Published in Orthodox Christianity on 24th June 2020

Preparations are underway in the Ekaterinburg Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church for the annual Royal Days celebrations in honor of the holy Royal Martyrs, who were brutally murdered in Ekaterinburg on the night of July 16-17, 1918.


Monument to Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II in Zlatoust

Tsar Nicholas II Monument Defaced on Cathedral Grounds in Urals. Published in Orthodox Christianity on 18th June 2020

It seems that the toppling and vandalizing of monuments has become the “norm” in today’s society.

A monument to Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II in the Russian city of Zlatoust is the latest target


VIDEO OF THE MONTH: Laying the Foundation Stone Ceremony and Feast of the Feodorovsky Sovereign Cathedral at Tsarskoye Selo on 2 September (O.S. 20 August) 1909

Much of this historic newsreel is new to me! Please take a few moments to watch Emperor Nicholas II and members of his family laying foundation stones for the cathedral which served as the family church during their residency in the nearby Alexander Palace.

At 2:05 we see the Emperor greeting dignitaries and other guests, presenting each with a small icon.

From the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive (RGAKFD). Duration: 3 minutes, 5 seconds

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