KOSTYA: Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich

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Paperback edition. 142 pages + 36 black & white photos

This is the first English language publication, dedicated to one of the most beloved and highly respected members of the Romanov dynasty: Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich (1858-1915).

The Introduction by independent researcher Paul Gilbert, explores Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich’s moral struggle with homosexuality, and the little-known attempt by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s, to plunder the grand duke’s tomb, located in the Grand Ducal Mausoleum of the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg.

Also featured are first English translations of biographical studies of Grand Duke Konstantin, by two prominent Russian Romanov historians: Chief Curator of Pavlovsk Palace Alexei Guzanov and author and lecturer Zoia Beliakova.

In addition, are the memories of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, written by two of his children: Prince Gabriel (1887–1955) and Princess Vera (1906-2001), both of whom died in exile.

© Paul Gilbert. 31 March 2022