An Imperial Movement: A Society of Tsar Nicholas II


During his second talk at the Nicholas II Conference held on 27 October 2018, at St. John’s Orthodox Church in Colchester, England, Archpriest Father Andrew proposed the idea of forming an Imperial Movement or Society in honour of Tsar Nicholas II in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of such a movement or society would firstly be to defend the honour of the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II and the Imperial Martyrs from the injustices, prejudices and misunderstandings which still surround them.

As a Society based in England, we could have a role to play in the English-speaking world in spreading the Truth about the Imperial Family. A century after the death of Russia’s last emperor and tsar, a society such as this is both timely and important for the sake of historical accuracy and truth.

I myself, am committed to being a part of such a Society, and despite the fact that the Atlantic Ocean separates England from Canada, I am prepared to travel to England to offer my assistance in helping such a Society to fruition. A first meeting of supporters could prepare a mission statement, select members for a Committee, discuss and organize events, and numerous other projects. 

Please note that the full text of Father Andrew’s talk An Imperial Movement: A Society of Tsar Nicholas II can be found in Sovereign No. 9 Nicholas II Conference Proceedings 2018, available from the Royal Russia Bookshop, Booksellers van Hoogstraten (The Hague, Netherlands), Librairie Galignani (Paris, France), and Amazon (USA)

© Paul Gilbert. 9 February 2019


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