NEW 4-volume set of books celebrates Emperor Nicholas II’s motorcar collection

PHOTO: Царский выезд [Tsar’s Departure] will be published in 4-volumes

On 18th February, Russian writer and auto enthusiast Ivan Barantsev, published the first volume of Царский выезд [Tsar’s Departure] – a unique 4-volume set of books dedicated to Emperor Nicholas II’s motorcar collection and His Imperial Majesty’s Own Garage.

The release of the first volume, is timed to the opening of the Tsar’s Departure Exhibition, which opened in Moscow on 19th February 2022.

The albums offer many new photographs, most of which have never been published and only recently discovered by the author in various Russian archives. The author has also made corrections to errors found in previously published photographs. Some photos have been identified on the very day the photo was taken, and complemented with notes from Nicholas II’s diaries.

Barantsev claims: “there are so many photos, that they couldn’t fit under one cover, so the project will be published in four volumes”.

PHOTO: Volume 1 features 240 pages + more than 100 photos

Volume 1, is dedicated to the period 1895-1911. Large hard cover format 32 x 24 cm, with 240 pages, and more than 100 black and white photos with detailed descriptions.

*Volume 2, will be dedicated to the period 1911-1914; *Volume 3, to 1914-1915; and *Volume 4, to 1915-1917. *Not yet published!

The first volume is currently only available for purchase at the Tsar’s Departure Exhibition, which runs from 19th February to 17th April 2022, in the Special Purpose Garage [Pavilion No. 53] at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNKh) in Moscow.

Please note that this set of books is ONLY available in Russian. No publication dates for the remaining three volumes have been announced. I have no doubt, that once all 4-volumes are published, that sets will be available to purchase from Russian booksellers online.

PHOTO © Ivan Barantsev

PHOTO © Ivan Barantsev

PHOTO © Ivan Barantsev

PHOTO © Ivan Barantsev

© Paul Gilbert. 22 February 2022