Nicholas II in the news – Spring 2022

PHOTO: mosaic portrait of Emperor Nicholas II

Russia’s last Emperor and Tsar continues to be the subject of news in Western media. For the benefit of those who do not follow me on my Facebook page, I am pleased to present the full length articles and news stories published by American and British media services.

Below, are the articles published in April, May and June 2022. Click on the title [highlighted in red, located under each of the photos below] and follow the link to read each respective article:

Why on earth did Russia’s last emperor have DRAGON tattooed on his forearm?

Nicholas II, the last ruling offspring of the Romanov dynasty, got this unusual tattoo when he was traveling in Japan.

Source: Russia Beyond. 23 June 2022

Now in color: PHOTOS of Nicholas II & his children + 50 PHOTOS

Russian artist Olga Shirnina, known on the Internet under the username ‘Klimbim’ has given black-and-white photos of the Russian Imperial Family vivid colour and now the grand duchesses and the tsesarevich look incredibly alive.

Source: Russia Beyond. 31 May 2022

How Nicholas II’s favorite singer became a Soviet spy + 11 PHOTOS

Nadezhda Plevitskaya had dreamed of making music all her life. But the 1917 revolution changed her plans.

Source: Russia Beyond. 26 May 2022

How did Tsar Nicholas II become a saint? + PHOTOS

The canonization of the last Russian Tsar and his family was not an easy decision for the Russian Orthodox Church. So why did it make such a controversial move?

Source: Russia Beyond. 18 May 2022

Nicholas II’s awesome car collection + 13 PHOTOS

Despite being a bit reluctant about cars at first, Emperor Nicholas II quickly developed a strong liking for motor vehicles – and squandered copious amounts of money to get the best cars.

Source: Russia Beyond. 11 May 2022

Nicholas II’s family yachts + 15 PHOTOS

The Romanovs didn’t just build yachts with crystal chandeliers, churches and cowsheds onboard. These were massive cruisers, capable of going into battle, if the situation demanded it.

Source: Russia Beyond. 15 April 2022

Nicholas II through the eyes of Russian and foreign artists + 25 PHOTOS

Russia’s last tsar was keen on photography and we have lots of pictures taken of him and by him. But what about his image in fine art heritage?

Source: Russia Beyond. 12 April 2022

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