In Memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs

Holy Royal Martyrs, pray to God for us! 🙏
Святы Царственные мученики, молите Бога о нас! 🙏

During this month, in which we sadly recall the regicide at Ekaterinburg on 17th July 1918, we also continue to honour the memory of the Holy Royal Martyrs throughout the year.

I am dedicated to clearing the name of Russia’s much slandered Tsar. I devote many hours, researching new works from Russian media and archival sources, and have them translated to English. These documents help to challenge and dismiss the many lies and myths about Russia’s last Tsar, which have have endured for more than a century.

Translating news and articles to English is very costly, therefore, I am reaching out to you for assistance, by making a donation to my work. Thank you for your consideration.


© Paul Gilbert. 14 July 2022