Tula museum to host Nicholas II exhibit in 2023

Next year marks the 155th anniversary of the birth [19th (O.S. 6th) May 1868] and 105th anniversary of the death [17th July 1918] of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. The Tula branch of the State Historical Museum in Moscow is now preparing a unique exhibition dedicated to these anniversaries.

The exhibition will give visitors an opportunity to “look” at the life of the Russian ruler and his family through the impartial lens of the camera. The exposition is emphatically documentary: rare photographs from the collection of the State Historical Museum which depict the private life of the Russian monarch. In addition, the exhibit will feature two topics: “Nicholas II as the head of the Russian Empire” and “Nicholas II as the head of the Imperial Family”.

In addition to photographs, portraits of Nicholas II and Akexandra Feodorovna, watercolors depicting episodes from the life of the Imperial Family, drawings of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, unique historical documents, including autographs of the last Romanovs, will be exhibited.

In addition, the exhibition will include precious orders presented to Nicholas II from the collection of the State Historical Museum. “These precious orders from European and Asian countries, stored in the collection of the numismatics department of the museum, rarely leave the walls of the fund,” said Director Alexey Levykin.

The exhibition presents Russian Orders awarded to Nicholas II[1], in addition to those given by Great Britain, Prussia, France, Austria-Hungary, Japan, Thailand and other European and Asian countries[2]. Many orders are exhibited for the first time.

“The orders were made of silver and gold and decorated with precious stones. Each exhibit outstanding craftsmanship, utilizing various jewelry techniques: gold embroidery, filigree, various types of enameling, engraving, and casting,” he added.

The Nicholas II exhibition will open in May 2023, the museum is planning a Russian-language illustrated exhibition catalogue.

The State Historical Museum in Moscow, opened the first regional branch in Tula at the end of September 2020 as part of the celebration marking the 500th anniversary of the Tula Kremlin.


[1] Nicholas II was the recipient of 7 national honours

[2] Nicholas II was the recipient of 51 foreign honours from 35 countries, duchies, etc

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