Nicholas II Last Russian Emperor (Episode 59) – Orthodox Christian Podcast

Take a few minutes to listen to Fr. Artemy, an English-speaking Russian Orthodox priest from the Moscow Theological Academy, who presents this beautifully written podcast about the life and martyrdom of Russia’s last emperor and tsar, as well as the miracles of the Tsar Martyr. This Orthodox Christian Podcast series produced by Voice of Russia Radio Network, is currently owned by Sputnik News.

Intro – “Beloved brothers and sisters! This time we will tell you the story of the Holy Martyr, last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. It is quite significant that long before Nicholas II’s ascension to the throne a monk at the Glinsk monastery in Russia, Iliador, chanced to have an enigmatic vision at end of the 19th century.”

Duration: 26 minutes (ENGLISH). The beautiful Russian sacred background music is from the Anthology of Russian Sacred Music album (2009), produced by Melodia.

Click on the CC button located at the bottom of the video to initiate the closed captioning option.

© Voice of Russia Radio Network. 22 January 2019

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