The Murder of the Romanovs: The Authentic Account

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English. 8-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ format, 336 pages, illustrated

Bulygin’s memoirs are of great historical importance, providing details of the last days of Emperor Nicholas II and his family, and the investigation into their murder, which continues to this day. Originally published in 1935, this is the first English-language edition in nearly 90 years!

This book falls into two parts: the first by Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky (1881-1970), the second by Captain Paul Petrovich Bulygin (1896-1936). Both Bulygin and Kerensky write from personal experience and eye-witness accounts.

In the first part, Provisional Party leader Alexander Kerensky offers a firsthand account of the events leading to the downfall of the Russian monarchy in February 1917. Kerensky outlines the background, and the steps leading to the regicide. He explains in his own words, his personal impressions of Nicholas II, his family and his entourage. He goes on to discuss why he chose to send the Tsar and his family into exile to Tobolsk. The main body of his memoirs, however, is a first hand account of the murder, of the abortive attempts to forestall it, and attempts to rescue the Imperial Family, told with a fervour and horror that time has failed to erase.

In the second part, Captain Paul Bulygin recalls the last months and death of Emperor Nicholas II and his family. Bulygin, who was a member of the Imperial Guard, reconstructs his role in an attempt to rescue the Imperial Family, during their captivity in Ekaterinburg, between April to July 1918.

Paul Bulygin served as an officer in the Russian Imperial Army, formerly in command of the personal guard of Nicholas II’s mother the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. In 1919, he assisted Nikolai Sokolov, in his investigation of their death in Ekaterinburg.

Bulygin argues that the order to murder the Tsar and his family came directly from Lenin.

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