Archival Documentary of the Russian Royal Family

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This documentary prepared by the Museum in Memory of Emperor Nicholas II’s Family features rare footage, made from 98 fragments of film from 1896-1916 shot in Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, Livadia, Chisinau, Yevpatoria, Kostroma, Odessa. Yalta, Nizhny Novgorod, Borodino, Diveyevo, Rostov the Great, Tallinn, Mogilev, Oreanda, and Sevastopol. The material used in the film is from the Russian State Film and Photo Archive, the Russian State Archive of Phonodocuments, and private collections. The music is comprised of fragments from the favorite works of Emperor Nicholas II.

While many people are familiar with photographs of Nicholas II participating in solemn and gala events in cities and towns throughout the Russian Empire, this documentary features some unique vintage footage of Russia’s last Emperor and Tsar.

03:51 – Nicholas II and the grand dukes carry the coffin with the relics of St. Serephim

06:40 – the foundation of the Feodorovsky Sovereign Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo

07:40 – the Emperor and his family visiting the St. Petersburg Mosque

09:33 – the Emperor and his family taking part in a procession at the Pechersk Lavra Caves Monastery in Kiev

15:10 – Nicholas II and his family at the Chapel of the Iveron Icon of the Mother of God in Moscow

26:08 – the Imperial Children in matching outfits, playing on the deck of the Imperial Yacht Standart

33:15 – Tsesarevich Alexei playing with his dog Joy

33:55 – Nicholas II and his family embarking on a boat ride on the Dnieper River, near Mogilev, August 1916

41:50 – Nicholas II at the celebration of His Majesty’s Imperial Guard on 4th October 1916, the last film of the Imperial Family before the Tsar’s abdication the following year

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00:00 Intro

00:27 Part 1: Spiritual Life

  • this part focusts on the piety of Emperor Nicholas II, it includes film footage of the Tsar and his family attending religious ceremonies in various parts of the Russian Empire, the laying of the foundations for new Orthodox churches, visits to monasteries and churches, attending molebens, and more.

19:34 Part 2: His Majesty’s Vacationing

  • includes film footage of Nicholas II kayaking in the Finnish skerries; playing tennis at Livadia including footage of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna taking part; hunting; motoring in the Tsar’s favourite Delauney-Belleville; sailing on the Imperial Yacht Standart; the Grand Duchesses taking part in games with junior officers; Tsesarevich Alexei playing with his friends, under the watchful eye of his boatswain Derevenko; among others.

35:39 Part 3: Emotional Characteristics

  • includes an interesting examination of the facial expressions, movements and nervous habits of Nicholas II, which include his constant stroking of his moustache; smooths and adjusts his uniform, touches his cap or crumples his gloves; Empress Alexandra Feodorovna is seen constantly bowing her head low with particular respect to those around her; the Grand Duchesses smiling often and sweetly; various scenes of the Tsar receiving the tradtional bread and salt.

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A film by Konstantin Kapkov
© Copyright of the Museum in Memory of Emperor Nicholas II’s Family.
Producer: Victor Semyonov
Screenwriter: Konstantin Kapkov
Editing: Vladimir Samorodov
Music Selection: Alexander Kosov
Sound Engineer: Galina Siver
English translation and dubbing: Aleksander Brooks
Executive editors: Archpriest Alexander Derevyanko & Nadezhda Khmeleva

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