What Russia’s Last Emperor Lived By


Nicholas II with his son and heir Tsesarevich Alexei. 1908

Tsar Nicholas II, Russia’s last Emperor, is considered one of the most widely discussed and controversial people of the twentieth century. But what trustworthy and accurately describes his character are the diaries he carefully kept since he was fourteen. What kind of person was the Tsar? What inspired and comforted him? In this series we shall speak about personal details that are usually omitted in most history books.

Tsar Nicholas II is often considered Russia’s most family loving monarch. That must be for a reason; we can find evidence in the Tsar’s diaries. On October 20, 1894, his father, Emperor Alexander III, died after a prolonged illness. Alexander’s son’s notes made at that time are permeated with filial tenderness and love.

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© Maria Litzman / Pravoslavie.ru. 5 March 2019

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