2nd Nicholas II Conference planned for US venue in 2020

2nd NII

After the success of the Nicholas II Conference, held in Colchester, England last year, I am pleased to announce that I am now planning a second conference, to be held in the United States in the autumn of next year. The Conference is part of my mission to clear the name of Russia’s much slandered Tsar.

The theme of the 2nd International Nicholas II Conference is ‘The Triumphs and Tragedies of His Reign’

Speakers will present papers on a wide variety of topics which cover the triumphs and tragedies of the 22-year+ reign (1 November [O.S. 20 October] 1894 – 15 March [O.S. 2 March] 1917) of Russia’s last monarch. Topics including the Coronation (1896); the Khodynkha Tragedy (1894); the Birth of Alexei and His Hemophilia; Bloody Sunday (1905); Romanov Tercentenary (1913); among others will be discussed.

I am sure that you can appreciate the tremendous amount of work which goes into such an event, therefore, I am reaching out to friends and supporters in the United States for their assistance on the following:

1. I am open to ideas for a venue, preferably in New York state (although other states would be considered), one which could provide seating for 100-200 persons, and lunch

2. As with the Conference held in England, I am particularly keen to have the participation of the Russian Orthodox Church

3. I need speakers: historians, authors, and other experts who will present facts and information, based on new research, which challenges the popularly held negative assessment of Nicholas II. NOTE: speakers will be paid for their presentations

If you can propose a venue, a speaker, or have any ideas or suggestions, please contact me by e-mail at royalrussia@yahoo.com

NOTE: the idea for this Conference is in the very early stages of planning, so for those who are interested in attending this event, I ask for your patience.

The city, venue, date, times, list of speakers, ticket prices, etc., have all yet to be worked out. Further details will be announced as they become available.


NOTE: please help support my research in clearing the name of Russia’s much slandered Tsar Nicholas II, by purchasing copies of my bi-annual journal Sovereign: The Life and Reign of Emperor Nicholas II

© Paul Gilbert. 28 May 2019

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