Rescuing the Romanovs: Crimea-Malta-Great Britain. 1919-2019


The Grand Duchess Elizabeth Romanov Society (UK) is hosting a conference dedicated to the Centenary of the British Operation in Crimea to Rescue the Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna and other Members of the Romanov Family

The topic of the forthcoming Conference will appeal to anyone with an interest in the legacy of the Russian Imperial House in the 20th century and its relationship with the British Royal House.

It will be dedicated to the centenary of the departure from Crimea of the Dowager Empress and her daughter, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna, together with other prominent members of the Romanov family.

The past three years have seen centenaries of various tragic events associated with the Romanov dynasty. In 2017 historians faced difficult questions about the Russian revolution & the abdication of Tsar Nicholas. In 2018 we recalled the tragic end of the Tsar’s Family, of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth and other victims of the Bolshevik regime.

In 2019 we have remembered the Romanovs who were ruthlessly shot in St. Petersburg (a total of 18 representatives of the Romanov dynasty died), and those who managed to escape by leaving Russia.

The Conference in Oxford will be dedicated to the story of the Romanov family’s rescue, its exodus and finding refuge in a foreign land.

Our speakers will focus on Great Britain and its role in these events and on the British – Russian relationship. Tribute will be paid to the Tsar’s Family, Holy Martyr Grand Duchess Elizabeth and other members of the Romanov Imperial House who were savagely killed in Russia and who are venerated by Orthodox Christians as Holy Martyrs.

Tickets for the Conference are available from the Secretary of the Society, David Gilchrist

Click Rescuing the Romanovs to download the full programme

© Grand Duchess Elizabeth Romanov Society. 30 August 2019


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