Photos of the Reconstruction of the Historic Interiors of the Alexander Palace


I am pleased to present these new photographs of the ongoing reconstruction of the historic interiors and the recreation of their respective furnishings and elements of the Private Apartments of Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, situated in the eastern wing of the Alexander Palace.

These images are courtesy of Studio44, ArtCorpus interiors, and Stavros (St. Petersburg), the firms commissioned to carry out this important project.

According to Stavros, the reconstruction of the Mauve (Lilac) Boudoir is nearing completion, including the installation of the wall panels, doors and furniture. The next stage is the launch of the production of furniture for the Maple Drawing Room.

Reconstruction of the Mauve (Lilac) Boudoir

Reconstruction of the Maple Drawing Room

Reconstruction of Nicholas II’ Bathroom

The Alexander Palace, has been closed for restoration since August 2015. The palace was scheduled to reopen in July 2018,  however, numerous delays have pushed now back the reopening date to the end of 2019.

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© Paul Gilbert. 31 August 2019

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