Nicholas II in the news – Autumn 2022

PHOTO: Emperor Nicholas II on the deck of the Imperial Yacht Standart

Russia’s last Emperor and Tsar continues to be the subject of news in Western media. For the benefit of those who do not follow me on my Facebook page, I am pleased to present the following 7 full length articles, news stories and videos published by American and British media services, in addition, are several articles about Nicholas II’s family and faithful retainers.

Below, are the articles published in October, November and December 2022. Click on the title [highlighted in red] and follow the link to read each respective article:

The Officers’ Assembly Building in St. Petersburg – FREE Book

Download, print and read a FREE 94-page English-language copy of Officer Assembly Building by S. Kononov (2018), or the Russian-language edition Дом офицеров Санкт-Петербург.
The author has compiled a history of this magnificent building, and richly illustrated with vintage black and white photos, complimented with full colour photos of the building and its interiors, as they look today.

Source: Russia Beyond. 19 November 2022

British royal family and the last Romanovs pictured together + PHOTOS

Nicholas II was almost a “twin” of King George V, while THE two families had very close relative ties.

Source: Russia Beyond. 17 November 2022

‘The Crown’ Season 5 on Netflix: Fact and fiction in the ‘Russian episode’

A key episode in the new season of ‘The Crown’ – ‘Ipatiev House’ – dwells on the centuries-long relations between Britain and Russia. Here is one account of what is true in it and what is simply artistic invention, something the current season is particularly good at.

Source: Russia Beyond. 14 November 2022

Archival Documentary of the Russian Royal Family (VIDEO)

I am pleased to share the following NEW documentary prepared by the Museum in Memory of Emperor Nicholas II’s Family, which features rare footage, made from 98 fragments of film from 1896-1916.

Duration: 43 minutes. ENGLISH with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Source: The Romanov Royal Martyrs Project. 16 July 2022

Remembering the Romanov Children (VIDEO)

The Romanov children were extraordinary in their ordinariness. Despite being born in one of the highest and most enviable positions in the world, and having access to all possible worldly goods, they lived and were brought up like ordinary children. They were beautiful not only in their outward appearance, which was striking but primarily in their inner qualities. From their father, they inherited the traits of kindness, modesty, simplicity, an unshakable sense of duty, and an all-consuming love for their homeland. From their mother, they inherited deep faith, straightforwardness, self-discipline, and strength of spirit.

Duration: 37 minutes. ENGLISH with closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

Source: The Romanov Royal Martyrs Project. 27 October 2022

5 urban legends about Rasputin – the ‘wizard’ of the Romanovs

Did Rasputin really predict the death of the Romanov dynasty and the Revolution? And did he really treat the sickly tsesarevich with prayer alone, as well as act as gray eminence to the tsar? We did a fact check on the last Russian Royal Family’s notorious spiritual advisor.

Source: Russia Beyond. 7 October 2022

‘Fear God and Honor the Emperor

Some Thoughts on the Passing of HM Queen Elizabeth, of Blessed Memory’ by the Very Reverend Archpriest Michael Protopopov, the parish priest of the Church of Our Lady’s Dormition, Dandendong, Australia.

“Our beloved Queen of blessed memory, understood that royal power is a gift of God and that her subjects need to be educated before they can understand the deep implications of a government instituted by God and which is a reflection of the Divine Kingdom of God.

“The Queen was a perfect sovereign reigning within the bounds of Christian principles and not on the desire for personal power and authority; and she had the understanding that a true monarchical structure is a divine partnership in which God, the sovereign and the people all have an important role to play.”

Source: Orthodox Christianity. 5 October 2022


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