Nicholas II in the news – Winter 2023

PHOTO: framed photograph of Emperor Nicholas II from the Collection of the Museum of Emperor Nicholas II in Moscow

Russia’s last Emperor and Tsar continues to be the subject of news in Western media. For the benefit of those who do not follow me on my Facebook page, I am pleased to present the following 9 full length articles, news stories and videos published by American and British media services, in addition, are several articles about Nicholas II’s family and faithful retainers.

Below, are the articles published in January, February and March 2023. Click on the title [highlighted in red] and follow the link to read each respective article:

What did Nicholas II’s children wear? + 22 PHOTOS

The children of the last emperor were raised modestly and the same could be said about their wardrobe. The younger daughters sometimes wore the clothing of the older ones, while Alexei almost always wore a military uniform.

Source: Russia Beyond. 20 March 2023

Joy, the last dog of the Romanovs + PHOTOS

This dog is the only one that survived the murders of the Imperial Family. Joy ended his days as a pet of Edward VIII’s riding instructor.

Source: Russia Beyond. 15 March 2023

Why do the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards consider the Russian Tsar Nicholas II their guardian angel? + PHOTOS

An icon depicting the monarch hangs in the regiment headquarters in Edinburgh and accompanies it during military operations, while the band of this military unit plays the anthem of the Russian Empire, ‘God Save the Tsar!’, at ceremonial events. So, what is the connection between the Russian tsar and the elite British soldiers?

Source: Russia Beyond. 27 February 2023

PHOTOS of the last ball hosted by the Romanov royal family + 17 PHOTOS

One hundred and twenty years ago, the Romanov royal dynasty hosted the most extravagant and eccentric costume ball in the history of the Russian Empire. It was also the last. This article features beautiful photos colourized by KLIMBIM.

Source: Russia Beyond. 24 February 2023

How tsar Nicholas II and his family were murdered + 11 PHOTOS

Tsar Nicholas II and his family were massacred on July 17, 1918, in Yekaterinburg. There was no formal trial and the Bolsheviks tried to cover up their gruesome crime.

Georgy Manaev writes in ‘Russia Beyond’ about the 10 most important things one should know about the murder of the Russian royal family.

Source: Russia Beyond. 21 February 2023

Tsar Nicholas II’s children: What we know about them + 34 PHOTOS

The last Russian tsar had five children. All of them were assassinated along with their father and mother in July 1918 and, later, canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church. This article features 34 PHOTOS, including many colourized by KLIMBIM.

Source: Russia Beyond. 7 February 2023

What Russia was like in 1913 + 34 VINTAGE PHOTOS!!

Take a look at Imperial Russia in 1913, the year which the Romanov Dynasty celebrated it’s 300th anniversary.

Source: Russia Beyond. 23 January 2023

The Last Russian Emperor: Archival Footage of Nicholas II, a Canonized Saint + VIDEO

I am pleased to see this article – based largely on an article I wrote – published today on the Global Orthodox web site. Thank you to the editors!

Source: Global Orthodox. 14 January 2023

What Russia was like in 1903 + 24 PHOTOS

MORE vintage photos of Imperial Russia! Let’s take a look at the absolutely stunning photos depicting the country that no longer exists – the life of the tsar, peasants, horse traffic and many more!

Source: Russia Beyond. 12 January 2023


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