“He will help you!” Stories of miraculous help of Tsar Nicholas II


To mark the centenary (2018) of the Russian Imperial Family’s murders, the Sretensky Monastery Publishing House (Moscow) published a book by Archpriest Alexander Shargunov, Царь. Книга о святых царственных страстотерпцах (The Tsar. A Book About the Royal Passion-Bearers)

Archpriest Alexander Shargunov regularly preaches sermons on the holy martyrs on the radio and answers readers’ letters to Russky Dom magazine; he has made several compilations of the Miracles worked by the Royal Martyrs. The present book tells us about the role of monarchy in Russian history, about the martyric life of Russia’s last emperor and his royal family, and the miracles worked by the saints after praying to them. We present a few excerpts on the miracles of the Holy Royal Martyrs.

Click HERE to read “He will help you!” Stories of miraculous help of Tsar Nicholas II

© Archpriest Alexander Shargunov / Pravoslavie.ru. 3 March 2019

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