Nicholas II: TOP 10 articles of 2020


In 2020, the number of views on my blog Nicholas II. Emperor. Tsar. Saint increased by nearly 100 percent over the previous year: 137,235 in 2020 compared to 70,429 in 2019.

People from 178 countries around the world visited my Nicholas II blog in 2020, including places such as Bhutan, Iceland, Vatican City, Cuba and Mongolia.

My Nicholas II blog was most popular with people in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Germany and Netherlands.

Below, is a list of the 10 most widely read articles and news stories of 2020:

[1] Audio recording of the voice of Nicholas II – posted 25th August 2020

[2] Obituary: Olga Nikolaevna Kulikovsky-Romanov (1926-2020) – posted 2nd May 2020

[3] Romanov Book of the Year for 2019: ‘The Romanov Royal Martyrs – posted 18th November 2019

[4] Russian media provide a first look at the progress of the recreation of the historic interiors in the Alexander Palace – posted 26th November 2019

[5]The Bolshevik sale of the Romanov jewels – posted 9th October 2020

[6] Nicholas II: the Tsar with the dragon tattoo – posted 16th March 2019

[7] “There are still many conjectures surrounding the death of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna” – posted 16th August 2020

[8] Why was Russia’s senior investigator and forensic expert dismissed from the Ekaterinburg remains case? – posted 14th March 2020

[9] Nicholas II’s Diaries 1894-1918 – posted 23rd January 2020

[10] The myth that Nicholas II’s death was met with indifference by the Russian people – posted 19th June 2020

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